Our Scottish Society is the oldest 501(c)3 charity in Illinois. Our mission is to nourish Scottish identity through service, fellowship and celebration of Scottish culture while providing for our principal charities - Caledonia Senior Living which includes The Scottish Home and the Caledonian House. The Scottish Home offers a wide range of outstanding elder care services and our Caledonian House which is a practical response to the growing challenges of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia by providing a haven of expert care deeply informed by a century of experience.

All of the proceeds from our special event programs benefit the philanthropic efforts of our organization. These events are truly two fold for brand present - it garners exposure to an already inclined audience and at the same time supports a charity.

2019 Scottish Festival & Highland Games Committee

This festival would not be possible without the amazing commitment we receive from our committee. Their continued support is greatly appreciated.

Rick Alms, CHICAGO SCOTS/Information Tent

Jeff Armstrong, Heavy Athletic

Scott Beall, Festival Co-Chairman

Isobel Bell, Finance

Jim Bell, Haggis Contest

Joy Black, Admissions Gate

Joe Brand, Parking

Susan Cerza, Vendor Check In

Jack Crombie, Rugby Tournament

Marty Duffy, Entertainment Stage Emcee

Joe Feehan, Highland Games Manager

Murray Findlay, Soccer Tournament

Heather Fleming, Entertainment Chair

John Fleming, Entertainment Chair

Allan Garraway, Festival Chairman

Stuart Garraway, Beverages

Frances Gillian, Highland Dance

Leslie Gillian, Highland Dance

Jennifer Hatton, Children’s Area

Chris Hrobsky, Security

Sally Johnston, Heather Queen & Men in Kilts Contest

Todd Kennedy, Beverages

Gina Krasinski, Highland Dance

Peter Krentz, Logistics

Paul Layman, Clans & Organizations

Bill G. MacLeod, Promotions & Parades

Pat MacLeod, Promotions & Parades

Don Morrison, British Car Show/Field Layout

Kevin Neis, Heavy Athletics

Laura Nelsen, Volunteers

Connie Nestor, History Forum

Tom O’brien, Rugby

Kay Phillips, CHICAGO SCOTS/Information Tent

Linda Rosenberg, Shortbread Contest

Jeff Russell, Children’s Area

Bess Schulmeister, Genealogy Group

Lori Shatava, Dogs of Scotland

Jim Sim, Piping & Drumming

Caryn Stancik, Dogs of Scotland

Nancy Strolle, Announcements

David Tate, Vendors (Food/Marketplace)

Jackie Torrance, Genealogy Group

Fred Veenbaas, Whisky & Spirits Tent

Kris Veenbaas, Whisky & Spirits Tent

Margaret Wilhelm, Vendors (Food/Marketplace)

Paul Wilson, Rugby