To appreciate the sill of Highland dancers, watch for the precision & timing of their steps & their leg & body positions. Even their hands must be held in the correct position or points are removed.

Though all the dances are generally referred to as Highland dances, there are actually two categories: Highland & National. The Highland dances were originally performed by men, often before or after battle, and they require considerable stamina. The Highland Fling & Sword dance are the two most famous examples. Some National dances such as the Scottish Lilt are more graceful & less athletic. Other National dances such as The Sailors Hornpipe & Irish Jig are extremely athletic. The Sailors Hornpipe depicts the crew's chores & the movements of the ship. The Irish Jig is a salute to the Irish washerwoman. 

In either category, you will find dances that require great skill and provide excellent entertainment.


The British Car Show will take place on Saturday, June 17, 2017 from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Registration Deadline: June 1st


The games are held in the Hamilton Lakes area of Itasca, IL. Hamilton Lakes is north of Thorndale Ave., south of W. Devon Ave., west of Arlington heights Rd. and east of I290. The Games are easily accessed from either North or Southbound I290 at Thorndale Ave. After you exit I290 onto Thorndale, Travel East on Thorndale a short distance to Park Blvd. Turn left (North) on to park Blvd to Pierce Road and turn right (East) on Pierce road to the entrance to the Games.

Location of the Car Show:

The car show is located on Pierce Road, just to the East of Windsor Drive. As you travel East on Pierce Road from Park Blvd., you will pass two parking garages. These are designated One Pierce and Two Pierce parking. This is where most of the vistors to the Games will be parking. You should pass both of parking garages and continue on Pierce Road to Windsor Drive.

Pierce Road will be closed at Windsor Drive. You will turn left (North) on to Windsor drive and travel a very short distance to the entrance to the parking lot for the 333 Pierce building. Turn right into the parking lot and travel across the lot to the East end of the lot. Turn right again and this will take you back to Pierce Road. Turn right on Pierce road to the car show area. Park you car diagonally on the North side of Pierce Road.

Car show volunteers will help you find a place a park and will register you and give you your adult entry wrist bands for the Festival.

Eligible Cars:

Eligible cars are those that were manufactured in the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland. They can be of any age or condition. $20.00 registration fee per car.


This is not a professionally judged show. We ask visitors to the Games to vote on their favorite car. Selection of a favorite car by our visitors may be based on factors such as their personal preference, a color or style they prefer or other factors.


We have three trophies that we award to the three cars that receive the highest number of votes from our visitors. We intend that ballot casting, counting of votes and awarding of trophies will all be done on Saturday. If we cannot find you at the time we are awarding trophies, we will mail you the trophy.

Can I participate in the car show & enjoy the games?

Once you have registered at the car show and parked your car in the car show area, you can spend your day at your car, or you can spend your day enjoying the Games. You do not have to stay with your car. We ask that your car remain in the show area during the balloting period from about 10:00 a.m. until NOON. We may alter the balloting period based on weather and the flow of visitors to the Games. For each car registered you will receive two (2) Saturday Adult Admission tickets to the Games.

For Questions:

Don Morrison, Chairman, British Car Show

Email: dmorri41@aol.com

Phone: 630.986.9085

heather queen

The Heather Queen of the CHICAGO SCOTS is a female between the ages of 16 - 22 years old who is Scottish by birth, has Scottish heritage and/or is actively involved in the Scottish community. During her reign, the Heather Queen serves as a goodwill ambassador of the CHICAGO SCOTS by encouraging her peers to explore their Scottish or other cultural identity while promoting Scottish culture in Chicagoland.

Haggis eating contest


Come see which contestant can "down a pound" of this Scottish culinary delicacy the fastest ... or give it a try yourself if you're game

Contestants will eat as much haggis as possible without using their hands

The contestant who eats the entire portion fastest is the champion

Register by 4 p.m. on Saturday the 17th at the CHICAGO SCOTS tent

No late entries will be accepted

Competition will begin promptly at 4:30 p.m. on the Heavy Athletics Field

Award for 1 Prize

haggis hurling contest

Test your throwing skills by hurling a frozen 1 pound haggis as far as you can, all while balancing on a half Whisky Barrel (Lassies ONLY)

Women will throw a 1 pound frozen haggis while balanced on a half whisky barrel. Farthest throw is the champion

Contestants must register by 3:30 p.m. on Saturday the 17th at the CHICAGO SCOTS tent

No late entries will be accepted

Competition will begin promptly at 4 p.m. on the Heavy Athletics Field

Award for 1st place

heavy athletics

Heavy Athletics: Scottish Heavyweight Athletics form the identifying activities at the Highland Games. These contests have their roots in the 10th century when Scottish King Malcolm Ceanmore first hosted competitions of strength and speed among his warriors and clansmen. The winners were given honorable positions as messengers and bodyguards.

  • Caber Toss
  • Sheaf Toss
  • Stone Put
  • Scottish Hammer Throw
  • Weight Throw for Distance
  • Weight Toss for Height

Invite only competition for the Chicago Open - Pro Am on Saturday. The "Friday Night Fling" is where uninvited (experienced only) athletes can throw

2017 LINE-UP

  • Chuck Kason
  • Eddie Brown
  • Andy Vincent
  • Spencer Tyler
  • Sean Urquhart
  • Damien Fisher
  • Braidy Miller
  • Jeff Kaste
  • Luke Crowley
  • Daniel Tennison
  • 1st Alternate: Zach Riley
  • 2nd Alternate: Tom Srokas
  • 3rd Alternate: Ross Bumcheck

men in kilts contest

Strut your stuff or just root for your favorite kilted Laddie as our judges determine who wears their kilt the best (Laddies ONLY)

Laddies ONLY - Junior (ages 16 & younger), Adults (ages 17+)

Contestants must register by 2 p.m. Saturday the 17th at the CHICAGO SCOTS tent

No late entries will be accepted

Competition will begin promptly at 2:30 p.m. on the Entertainment Stage

Judges will critique stage presence, costume/outfit & legs/knees

Awards for 1st place in both Junior & Adult

piping & drumming

The Highland Games are proud to present the finest pipers from the US and beyond. 

Each act will either be competing in the solo or band category and are all guaranteed to captivate you and transport you to the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. 

rugby tournament

To learn tournament rules & receive application forms needed to apply for the 2016 Rugby Tournament please click on the button below.

Adult, high school & middle school team levels available.

signature shortbread contest

Bake up a batch of the "secret family recipe" or create your own original concoction in this competition of both traditional & flavored shortbread

Two categories: traditional & flavored

Contestants to submit four to six samples to the CHICAGO SCOTS tent between 9 a.m. & 1 p.m. on Saturday the 17th

No late entries will be accepted

Judging will begin promptly at 2:30 p.m. in the CHICAGO SCOTS tent

Shortbread will be judges on taste, texture & appearance

Awards for 1st place in both categories

1st place winners must provide original recipe to CHICAGO SCOTS by June 30th. The Society retains the right to publish recipe in Society literature & local Chicago publications. Winners are encouraged to donate shortbread for various Society events held throughout the year

youth soccer tournament

Show some team pride as you cheer on the lads and lassies taking part in the youth soccer tournament, one of Scotland's favorite sports.

The high-intensity 3v3 games will be held Saturday 18th between 8am and 4pm at the soccer field and are guaranteed to be fun for the whole family!