Saturday, June 15, 2019

8:00 a.m.
Register at the Admission Gate

9:00 a.m.
Primary, Beginner, Novice Dancer Registration

9:30 am
Primary, Beginner, Novice Competition

Awards immediately following competition

1:00 p.m.
Intermediate, Premier Dancer Registration

1:30 p.m.
Intermediate, Premier Competition Begins

Awards immediately following competition

Saturday Events

Primary (Dancers 6 years and under)

  1. 16 Pas De Basques

  2. 6 Pas De Basques & Highcuts

    (4 times as in 1st Step Sword in place)

  3. Highland Fling - 4 steps

  4. Sword Dance - 2 & 1


     5. Lilt - 4 steps

     6. Highland Fling - 4 steps

     7. Sword Dance - 2 & 1

     8. Seann Triubhas - 3 & 1


     9. Lilt - 4 steps

   10. Highland Fling - 4 steps

   11. Sword Dance - 2 & 1

   12. Seann Triubhas - 3 & 1

Pre-Premier Challenge

Intermediate Nationals

   13. Hornpipe - 5 steps

   14. Lilt - 4 steps

   15. Barracks Johnnie - 4 steps

Premier Nationals

   16. Hornpipe - 4 steps

   17. Lilt - 4 steps

   18. Blue Bonnets - 4 steps

19. Barracks Johnnie - 4 steps


  20. Highland Fling - 4 steps

  21. Sword Dance - 2 & 1

  22. Seann Truibhas - 3 & 1


  23.Highland Fling - 6 steps

  24. Sword Dance - 2 & 1

  25. Sean Triubhas - 3 & 1

Intermediate Challenge

Premier Challenge


Registration for 2019 coming soon!

To appreciate the skill of Highland dancers, watch for the precision & timing of their steps & their leg & body positions. Even their hands must be held in the correct position or points are removed. 

Though all the dances are generally referred to as Highland dances, there are actually two categories: Highland & National. The Highland dances were originally performed by men, often before or after battle, and they require considerable stamina. The Highland Fling & Sword dance are the two most famous examples. Some National dances such as the Scottish Lilt are more graceful & less athletic. Other National dances such as The Sailors Hornpipe & Irish Jig are extremely athletic. The Sailors Hornpipe depicts the crew's chores & the movements of the ship. The Irish Jig is a salute to the Irish washerwoman.

In either category, you will find dances that require great skill & provide excellent entertainment.

The Highland dance competition will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2019 (USMW-10)


For Intermediate & Premier



Registration Fees:


Pre-Premier Challenge…………....$1.00


Intermediate Challenge…………...$5.00


Premier Challenge………………..$5:00

Tent Space………………………..$15.00

Registration includes ONE (1) complimentary admission ticket into the festival on the day you are competing. Admission ticket will be held at the Participant Registration Tent.

Service fees apply to payments made online.

Make check payable to: CHICAGO SCOTS

Send to:
Frances Gillian
4050 Dundee Road, #209
Northbrook, IL 60062

Please list dancer(s) name in memo on check.


All contests will be conducted under the current rules of the Federation of United States Teachers & Adjudicators (FUSTA)


Limited, on a first come first serve basis, personal tents will be allowed only with a prepaid reservation & valid issued permit from CHICAGO SCOTS. $15.00 per tent.


The festival will proceed rain or shine. Tickets & registration fees are non-refundable. Festival would only be cancelled due to life-threatening weather such as a tornado. In event of heavy rain, competitions may move to an alternate location.


Parking is available for a fee. $5.00 per car/per day or $8.00 for weekend parking pass. Parking passes are not available for advanced purchase. Must be purchased onsite with CASH.


Please visit the lodging tab on the Scottish Festival & Highland Games website to find the locations we have discounted rooms available at.