The Rogues

Founded in Houston in 1994, The Rogues created a new genre of Celtic music with exceptionally well-played pipes and driving percussion and have become award-winning international artists. From Scottish Highland games to performing with a symphony orchestra, The Rogues deliver a commanding performance. Starting at the Texas Renaissance Festival in 1994, the band soon began performing out of state and added Scottish Highland Games and Celtic festivals and corporate shows. The band has produced it's own theater show called Celtic Crossroads, performed as a guest artist with the Air Force Symphony Orchestra in Washington, DC and had music featured in the 2011 film "Kill the Irishman.". 


CLEGHORN is America's Celtic Rock Band!

The musical engine of CLEGHORN is renowned fiddler Dylan Cleghorn and his father, the legendary Texas guitarist John Cleghorn. CLEGHORN’s unique brand of “Celtic rock” mixes their original songwriting with high energy fiddle and bagpipe tunes.

The Celtic Music News review of CLEGHORN's album states: "The robust and pristine sound of Dylan Cleghorn's fiddle is wrapped in heavy pop rock rhythms that approach anthemic intensity. John Cleghorn, adding his original songwriting, screaming guitar riffs and golden vocal melodies, reveals himself as a man who truly knows rock."

The performances of CLEGHORN have enamored audiences and stirred up festivals across North America. Dylan and John have been acclaimed as charismatic performers who even go as far as leaving the stage to play among the crowd during their concerts.

CLEGHORN promotes an energetic and uplifting show for all ages that should not be missed.

John Ballantyne’s Crazy Heart

Fast becoming recognized as one of Chicago’s premier country singers and songwriters, Ballantyne was born and raised in Scotland, though you’d never know it from his earthy vocal delivery and immaculate lead guitar. Both resonate with the twang of classic honky-tonk country, also known these days as Americana. A frequent presence on the Chicago club circuit, John and his band Crazy Heart will take their musical exploits to a whole new level this year, building on a recent hugely successful tour of Scotland , the highlight of which was two mainstage appearances at the prestigious Tiree Music Festival.
Ballantyne’s highly unusual saga commenced in southwest Scotland. “Music was a big part of local culture. I grew up in a small mining community. What would typically happen is, on weekends, people would socialize in bars, having a few beers, then taking turns to sing with the band,” John says. “Bars at that time closed at 10 p.m., and then they would make their way to each others’ houses to continue with the party.


Tim Macdonald & Jeremy Ward are a touring Scottish fiddle duo who combine traditional fiddling with his­torical scholarship to create a musical experience that has been described as everything from "cutting-edge" and "metal" to "classic" and "baroque". Using period instruments and mixing High Baroque chamber music with high-energy dance tunes, their music is at times soulful and at time electrifying, but always moving.