The CHICAGO SCOTS present the Midwest's Largest Scottish Event, the 33rd ANNUAL SCOTTISH FESTIVAL & HIGHLAND GAMES


The Scottish Festival & Highland Games features an extravaganza of activities and attractions - from the Caber Toss to Highland Dancing to the Dogs of Scotland. This family-friendly event is a chance to explore Scottish culture without buying a plane ticket. Plus, all proceeds benefit the Society, the oldest not-for-profit in Illinois.

CHICAGO SCOTS (The Illinois Saint Andrew Society) proudly nourish Scottish identity through service, fellowship and celebration of Scottish culture in order to support our two principal charities, the Scottish Home and the Caledonian House

CHILDREN'S AREA: Have fun with your kids as they make Celtic crafts, or play mini-versions of Scottish heavy athletics, miniature golf, and tug-o-war

CLANS & ORGANIZATIONS: Visit our community of Clans & Organizations who represent the great family names & traditions of Scotland and delight in the pageantry of the "Parade of Tartans" The word clan in Gaelic means "children of the family". In highland Scotland, a clan is an extended family or group of families

DOGS OF SCOTLAND: Meet these hardy breeds of Celtic canines and learn how they have aided Scots throughout the centuries

ENTERTAINMENT TENT: Kick up your kilt as you jam to the various Celtic rock and local bands featured on the main stage

FOOD VENDORS: There's something for everyone. Savor a variety of Scottish fare or sample an assortment of American food

GENEALOGY: Research your Scottish heritage with help from the Illinois Saint Andrew Society's Genealogy Group

HEATHER QUEEN: The Heather Queen is a female between the ages of 16-22 years old who is Scottish by birth, has Scottish heritage and/or is actively involved in the Scottish community. During her reign, the Heather Queen serves as a goodwill ambassador for CHICAGO SCOTS by encouraging her peers to explore their Scottish or other cultural identity while promoting Scottish culture in Chicagoland

HAGGIS EATING CONTEST: Come see which contestant can "down a pound" of this Scottish culinary delicacy the fastest... or give it a try yourself if you're game

Contestants will eat as much haggis as possible without using their hands

The contestant who eats the entire portion fastest is the champion

Register by 4 p.m. on Saturday the 15th at the CHICAGO SCOTS tent

No late entries will be accepted

Competition will begin promptly at 4:30 p.m. on the Heavy Athletics Field

Award for 1st Prize

HAGGIS HURLING CONTEST: Test your throwing skills by hurling a frozen 1 pound haggis as far as you can, all while balancing on a half Whisky Barrel (Lassies ONLY)

Women will throw a 1 pound frozen haggis while balanced on a half whisky barrel. Farthest throw is the champion

Contestants must register by 3:30 p.m. on Saturday the 15th at the CHICAGO SCOTS tent

No late entries will be accepted

Competition will begin promptly at 4 p.m. on the Heavy Athletics Field

Award for 1st place

HEAVY ATHLETICS: Witness classic contests of strength & accuracy, including the Caber Toss, Clachneart, Hammer Throw, Sheaf Toss & Weight Throws

HIGHLAND DANCE: Highlight your day with a visit to the Highland Dance competition where dancers of all ages demonstrate this intricate and technically challenging sport

MEN IN KILTS CONTEST: Strut your stuff or just root for your favorite kilted Laddie as our judges determine who has the knobbliest knees (Laddies ONLY)

Laddies ONLY - Junior (ages 16 & younger), Adults (ages 17+)

Contestants must register by 2 p.m. Saturday the 15th at the CHICAGO SCOTS tent

No late entries will be accepted

Competition will begin promptly at 2:30 p.m. on the Entertainment Stage

Judges will critique stage presence, costume/outfit & legs/knees

Awards for 1st place in both Junior & Adult

PIPING & DRUMMING: Listen to the talented pipers and drummer at their very best as they compete for top solo and pipe band honors

RUGBY TOURNAMENT: Find out what the term "scrum" is all about in this exciting predecessor of American Football

SIGNATURE SHORTBREAD CONTEST: Bake up a batch of the "secret family recipe" or create your own original concoction in this competition of both traditional & flavored shortbread

Two categories: traditional & flavored

Contestants to submit four to six samples to the CHICAGO SCOTS tent between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday the 15th

No late entries will be accepted

Judging will begin promptly at 2:30 p.m. in the CHICAGO SCOTS tent

Shortbread will be judged on taste, texture and appearance

Awards for 1st place in both categories

1st place winners must provide original recipe to CHICAGO SCOTS by June 30th. The Society retains the right to publish recipe in Society literature and local Chicago publications. Winners are encouraged to donate shortbread for various Society events held throughout the year

SOCCER TOURNAMENT: Cheer your favorite team to victory as kids from the Chicagoland area compete in our annual Coerver Cup

WHISKY & SPIRIT TASTINGS: Please your palette with the supreme whiskies and spirits of the world. More information and tickets will be available soon.